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Welcome to Kenny's  Discus!

Quality, Service and  Price....

Here  at  Kenny's  Discus  we strive  to provide  you with  the  best  Discus  buying  experience we  can.  We select only  the highest  quality Discus  from  our  overseas  breeders and exporters to  bring   to  Market  here in the USA and Canada.  Our  fish  are  healthy, happy , and  acclimated   in  our tanks  for  easy transferral  to  your  tanks.   Obtaining  the  best  Discus  Stock  has  never  been  easier. So if you  are a   breeder  looking for  new   and exciting strains  to work  with  or  a hobbyist  building a  collection.... we  can  help.

Please  let us know  how we  can help  make  your  discus dreams  into reality.

Thank you,

Kenny Cheung

Kenny's  Discus  frequently  imports  the  following strains

Blue Diamond
Red Mellons
Golden Melon
White Butterflies
Golden butterfly
Red Turquoise
Blue Turquoise
Cobalt Blues
White Scorpion
Golden Panda(no eye-bar)
Red Golden Diamond (RGD)
Eruption Leopard
Eruption Leopard Snake(14-bar)
Super Checkerboard Pigeon
Yellow Crystal
Ring Leopard
Penang Eruption
 plus  many other strains

Albino series:
Blue diamonds
Snow whites
 plus  many others

Sizes  vary on strain   but  generally  availible   from  2" to  6"plus    adults
Kenny's Discus is   located in  Daly City, California . We   can ship   most  locations in the  USA  by Fedex   or  Airport  to  Airport..  Canadian customers  please  call to  to check on  Shipping  options.

We  can  be  reached  at 
(650) 290-1283

or email at

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